Non-Prescription ReadyWear Hearing Aids

Discover what thousands of satisfied customers have been discreetly wearing: ReadyWear hearing devices! This refers to a group of hearing devices made for people who have a mild-to-moderate, or high frequency hearing loss. ReadyWear devices are specifically designed for people who are considering amplification for the first time, but are not ready to make a commitment to custom devices. Similar in concept to reading glasses, these over-the-counter devices do not require a medical exam prior to purchase. However, we do recommend that you review any listed medical precautions. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms with your ears, please consult immediately with your physician or hearing health care professional. Symptoms include: History of active drainage from the ear, sudden or rapidly progressing hearing loss, dizziness, significant ear wax build-up, and pain or discomfort in the ear.

simplicity-familyThe Simplicity™ is specifically designed for people with vigorous, active lifestyles who have difficulty under- standing speech in the presence of background noise.
tranquil-i-ricThe Simplicity™ Hi-Fidelity OTE was developed to help provide an ideal balance of listening for a wide variety of sounds encountered in everyday life.
Simply Soft
simply-soft-familyThe original soft hearing device. Simply Soft Classic, originally patented in the 1990’s, is still the ultimate soft hearing device. 

Simply Slim
simply-slim-familySoft, petite size with precision volume control. Simply Slim Classic is specifically designed for a petite, or narrow ear canal shape.

Enjoy Better Hearing Today!

Simply Soft and Simplicity devices are professional quality devices available direct to the public through major on-line retail sites such as Walmart and Sam’s Wholesale Club. No hearing exam or appointment is required. Your device(s) are delivered to your door! Watch our quick, but informative Quick-start DVD and your enjoying your new devices in just minutes! ReadyWear customers are supported by a toll-free customer support hotline. Trained customer service representatives will gladly assist you with questions you may have about your new device.


0063268752061_av4Each ReadyWear hearing device package includes:

  • Professional quality hearing device
  • Quick-start DVD
  • Owners manual
  • Premium zinc-air battery
  • Pocket Travel pouch
  • Cleaning tool