Common Ways That Hearing Loss Can Affect You

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues people experience as they age. Whether your hearing diminishes slightly or steeply drops off, it can be hard to admit that it is a real problem. Many people attach a stigma to this issue because it is associated with aging. No one wants to be hearing impaired because no one wants to feel old.

Forget the stigma. When it gets hard to hear, see your audiologist to discuss hearing aid options. You’ll quickly find that it is much better to hear your friends and loved ones clearly than to worry about looking old. Let’s look at a few types of hearing difficulties you may experience.

Unilateral Hearing Problems

Unilateral hearing loss is defined by diminished ability to hear in one ear only. This can indicate a serious medical problem.

Difficulty Listening in Noisy Environments

If you have trouble listening to people talk in crowded or noisy places, you’ll want to visit an audiologist. Inability to pick out specific voices or sounds from a sea of background noise is often considered an early sign of gradual hearing loss.

Sudden Loss of Hearing

Photo-of-noisy-environments-hearing-loss-General-Hearing-InstrumentsIf your ability to hear weakens or drops off in the space of a few days or weeks, immediately visit an otolaryngologist. This experience can result from many factors, including medical problems requiring treatment.

Problems Linked to Other Symptoms

Hearing difficulty may occur in tandem with other unusual symptoms such as dizziness, pain, confusion, or other neurological problems. Multiple symptoms may be a sign of nerve damage, infections, or an existing neurological condition. Your otolaryngologist will help you detect the problem’s source.

No one wants to feel one of his or her five senses start to weaken. No matter how your hearing impairment occurs or feels, be sure to see an otolaryngologist or audiologist.

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