Hearing Aids

General Hearing offers a complete line of traditional (acrylic). Everything from the mini canal to full shell ITE. Each device is custom-made from ear impressions to fit an indivdual’s unique ear canal shape.

Selection of size and circuitry are typically based on variety of fitting parameters: hearing loss, ear size, personal preference, budget, etc.
Most devices can be ordered with useful options such as: wax prevention filters, microphone wind screen, telecoils, and large volume control (for dexterity problems).

All devices are available with choice of classic analog or the latest in digitally programmable circuits. Please refer to our Electronics section for complete technical information on circuitry.

ReadyWear Aids
Specifically designed for people who are considering amplification for the first time, but are not ready to make a commitment to custom devices. More
Custom Hearing Aids
GHI manufactures device custom-made from ear impressions to fit an individual’s unique ear canal shape. More
Musician Aids
Our Musician’s Listening Design devices are dispensed by hearing professionals who are “in-tune” to the hearing needs of musicians. More

SmartWear aids expand to comfortably conform to the individual’s ear canal shape. More

Specialty Hearing Aids

General Hearing also offers unique devices for the patients who have a high frequency loss. Designed specifically for people with normal hearing in low and middle frequencies with a gradually sloping mild-to-moderate loss. Commonly referred to in the hearing industry as the Canal Open Ear (COE) or Open Ear (EO), there open design leaves approximately 50 percent of the ear canal open. This design allows for a comfortable, unoccluded fit


Please visit our Professional Section to download current order forms and pricing info.