Simplicity High Fidelity

For a realistic, high fidelity listening experience.
The Simplicity High Fidelity OTE was developed to help provide an ideal balance of listening for a wide variety of sounds encountered in everyday life. The wide dynamic range compression/expansion system separates incoming sounds, into low-pitched and high-pitched sounds.

Bass and treble are continually adjusted and performed automatically. The sound processing makes soft sounds easier to hear and maintains loud sounds at comfortable levels.

The wide bandwidth eliminates “tinny” sound while providing clearer speech understanding, superior sound quality and the highest fidelity possible. This specialty design protects the sound circuit from very intense sounds that can cause unpleasant distortion.

The Simplicity High Fidelity will also allow you to enjoy the “music of life” once again. Music enthusiasts will especially appreciate the excellent harmonics that gives music its richness. The adjustable volume control allows the user to make precise adjustments. By not amplifying loud sounds the need to constantly adjust the volume in different listening environments is eliminated.

The open fit design lets sound flow naturally into the ear and helps to alleviate that “plugged-up” feeling reducing the need for electronic amplification and the opportunity for annoying feedback to occur. High quality precision components and unsurpassed craftsmanship allow you to wear the Simplicity Hi-Fidelity device with confidence.

 The Simplicity High Fidelity is also available in the EP model. This device uses #312 battery to provide longer battery life than the #10 battery and “extended play” time for the user.

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Device Features

  • Cosmetic Appeal
  • 1 yr. Warranty
  • Micro Polytube
  • Economical Price
  • No Ear Impression
  • Micro Case
  • #10 / #312 (EP) Battery
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Soft, Free-Field Dome
  • Sm, Med, or Lg Tube Size
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Each ReadyWear hearing device package includes:

  • Professional quality hearing     device
  • Quick-start DVD
  • Owners manual
  • Premium zinc-air battery
  • Pocket Travel pouch
  • Cleaning tool
Simplicity fits discretely behind the ear.

Simplicity fits discreetly behind the ear.


Device Data

Download Simplicity High Fidelity  Data Sheet

Download Simplicity High Fidelity EP Data Sheet