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Simply Soft | General Hearing Instruments, Inc.

Simply Soft

The original soft hearing device.
Simply Soft, originally patented in the 1990’s, is still the only soft hearing device. 

Simply Soft was the first device to Implement SoftEar Technology, a design that embodies sophisticated micro-electronic circuitry in a solid body of medical grade silicone. Due to the soft, flexible nature of the body, the device seats better in the ear and stays in place to minimize feedback and distortion. The silicone is hypoallergenic and constantly flexes with jaw movement. 

Simply Soft  is available in two models. There is a preprogrammed all digital model (shown at the right). With just a quick press of the volume select button, the user can select between four volume levels. The other model has a high fidelity, high efficiency classic analog circuit with a volume control wheel.


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Device Features

  • Small, in-the-ear Design
  • #10 Battery
  • Soft, Silicon body
  • Digital or Analog Circuitry
  • Push Button (digital)
  • Volume Wheel (analog)
  • Cosmetic Appeal
  • Economical Price
  • No Ear Impression
  • Fits Men and Women
  • Hypoallergenic
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Each ReadyWear hearing device package includes:

  • Professional quality hearing device
  • Quick-start DVD
  • Owners manual
  • Premium zinc-air battery
  • Pocket Travel pouch
  • Cleaning tool



Device Data

Download Simply Soft Analog Data Sheet

Download Simply Soft Digital Data Sheet


Peak SSPL 90 111 dBSPL
Peak Full-on Gain 23 dB
HFA Full-on Gain 20 dB
Frequency Response 250-6900 Hz.
Total Harmonic Distortion <3.5%
Battery Drain 0.21 mA
Battery Life (10A) 350 Hrs.
Equivalent Input Noise