The original OTE Tranquil noise generator now offers tinnitus patients RIC technology.

The Tranquil I is a ready-to-wear tinnitus noise generator device offering digital signal quality, RIC technolgy and choice of either broad-band general or pink noise in a mini OTE device.

Soothing sounds of the Tranquil™ brand noise generator that hearing professionals and patients have trusted since 1996.

tranquil-i-ric-prodPopular Tranquil broad-band noise generator circuitry packaged in an ultra compact RIC design.
The patented Tranquil circuitry provides the user with stable, broad-band noise with the choice of general or pink noise at time of device order. The noise genera- tor is controlled by a rotary volume control for accurate adjustments and 0 dBSL noise floor level. The Tranquil I RIC is powered by #10 battery offering approxi- mately 200 hours of use. It provides the same quality broadband noise featured throughout the Tranquil product line while offering, a discreet, comfortable fit.

The RIC combined with the micro polytube leaves the ear canal completely open, delivering clean, stable sound while allowing wearers to hear surround- ing sounds in a normal manner. With the Tranquil I RIC on hand, the tinnitus and hyperacusis treatment professional can provide fast, reliable same-day fittings.

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Device Features

  • Micro OTE/Polytube
  • #10 battery
  • Rotary volume control
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • RIC technology
  • 0 dBSL floor
  • Low battery alert
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Device Data

Download Tranquil I RIC Data Sheet

Source OFF
Peak 72.9 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 300 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs
Source 0.0 dB
Peak 79.7 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 300 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs

* Specify preference of General or Pink sound generator at time of Tranquil device order.