The only all-soft, mini ITC tinnitus noise generator for extended wear comfort.

The Simply Tranquil II is a readywear tinnitus noise generator device utilizing digital signal quality. Patients will appreciate same day fitting convenience – no need for ear impressions!

Soothing sounds of the Tranquil™ brand noise generator that hearing professionals and patients have trusted since 1996.

Offer tinnitus patients general and pink broadband noise in a soft, extended wear Tranquil™ brand noise generator.

simply-tranquil-prodThe Simply Tranquil II device is a soft, comfortable noise generator that can be worn all day and throughout the night. It is the smallest, most comfortable low- level noise generator on the market today. The soft, flexible design offers natural sound quality due to the open canal format in a small ITC design.

The memory/volume selector toggle is simple to use and combines two functions into one control. Holding the toggle in either direction will result in a smooth memory change; momentary “clicking” the toggle in an upward or downward motion results in discreet 1dB changes in volume.

The Simply Tranquil II is powered by a zinc-air #10 battery that provides about 200 hours battery life. It features 0 dB noise floor volume control – no noise is produced when volume is set at lowest setting. The soft body is medical grade hypoallergenic silicone and will not shrink or harden over time.

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Device Features

  • General & pink noise
  • Multi-function switch
  • Tranquil circuitry
  • 0 dBSL floor
  • #10 battery
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Open-ear venting
  • Hypoallergenic soft body
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Device Data

Download Simply Tranquil II Data Sheet

Source OFF
Peak 72.9 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 300 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs
Source 0.0 dB
Peak 79.7 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 300 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs

* Specify preference of General or Pink sound generator at time of Tranquil device order.