Creative Communication: 3 Great Ways the Hearing Impaired Can Express Themselves

So much of our culture depends on communicating through sound. We speak and listen to one another. We play each other music and see movies together in hopes of connecting and forming relationships.

If you know someone who suffers from hearing loss or impairment, you know that sound isn’t the only medium in which we express ourselves. There are plenty of creative modes in which the hearing impaired can express themselves to maintain connections and social confidence. Let’s look at a few great activities that enrich the social lives of those with hearing difficulties.

Playing Musical Instruments

Learning to play an instrument isn’t just fun—new research suggest that the auditory skills learned from musicianship can help the hearing impaired identify sounds and improve their communication skills. Music is a universal language, and it can bridge gaps between people. It can be especially therapeutic if you struggle with hearing loss. Combined with the use of hearing aids, musical practice can greatly improve the social and psychological lives of those with auditory difficulties.

Photo by Jeb Wallace-BrodeurArts and Crafts

Drawing, painting, or crafting provides another fantastic opportunity for the hearing impaired to communicate their feelings. You don’t need to be a classical artist to pick up a paintbrush. Just buy some supplies and let loose. Whether you’re with a friend or a whole group of artists, you’ll find that your finished canvas will say something interesting about your perspective.

Creative Writing

When it comes to art forms, there’s nothing simpler than sitting down with a pen and a notebook and jotting down your thoughts. Whether you endeavor to write a poem, a novel, or a journal entry, writing creatively can sooth the soul. The process of hammering feelings into words can be especially rewarding for the hearing impaired. Writing can be the most efficient and honest way to communicate when you have difficulty participating in other social interactions. Honing this skill can enhance life for anyone who struggles with hearing loss.

Sound is not the only means of human communication. If you have a diminished sense of hearing, consider pursuing these great modes of creative self-expression.

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