Your special shopping sections are set up to be managed entirely within this dashboard.


All products can be viewed and edited/managed under ‘Products’ in the left toolbar.

In basic terms, each special client is set up as a distinct ‘Product Category’.  For example, a new category called ‘Humana’ was set up for the Humana section.  To add a new client/section, add an accompanying category from within ‘Products > Categories’ such as ‘Blue Cross’.

When creating or copying new products for this unique section, simply categorize the product appropriately in the right tool bar.  For example, all Humana products would have the ‘Humana’ category checkbox clicked.  This mechanism lets us assign the right products to the right section.

To add a new section, create a new page, and give it the URL you would like for it to have.  For example,

On this new page, to include the product listings, simply add this shortcode into the page’s editor:

…substituting your new category for ‘humana”.  Use the existing Humana page as your guide/reference.

This will be the new page, and it will display all new products that are categorized as your new (above) category listed in the shortcode.


Main product images can be uploaded or changed in the right toolbar, under ‘Product Image’.  The secondary/additional images for each product can be loaded in under the right sidebar under ‘Product Gallery’.


Click ‘Products’, and select product in question.  Below main content editor, find the ‘Product Data’ module.  Enter the regular/list price as well as the ‘sale/discounted’ price available to these special customers.  Also be sure to set the Tax Status and Class to Taxable, and Standard to calculate tax as needed.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.53.26 AM


In Left toolbar, under ‘WooCommerce > Orders’. Click on order number to see full order details. Clicking on the ‘1 item’ links under ‘Purchased will display exactly what the order consists of. You can also mark the order ‘Complete’ or View the order using the ‘Actions’ icons on the right.



From within an Order’s detail/edit screen, you can affect most aspects of the order, including the current order status, shipping details, refunds, etc.