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Hearing FAQs | General Hearing Instruments
There are more than 30 million Americans that currently suffer from some type of hearing loss. The most common type of hearing loss is a high frequency hearing loss.  The process of aging is the predominant cause of this type of hearing loss. The natural process of aging may allow your sensitivity to low frequencies to remain the same, but you might experience difficulty hearing in higher frequencies, such as child’s voices, doorbells, and tv or radio.  For many of us we don’t realize that our hearing is slowly deteriorating because hearing loss is painless and progressive. For many of us it takes a loved one to call it to our attention.

How We Hear: Any action that generates noise sends sound vibrations, or sound waves, through the air. The outer part of the human ear picks up these sound waves where it travels down the ear canal and into the eardrum. The eardrum is a thin membrane separating the outer ear from the middle ear. As the sound waves strike your eardrum, it vibrates three tiny mechanical bones of the middle ear. The middle ear is connected to the inner ear changes mechanical vibrations to nerve signals, which are then sent to the hearing center of the brain.

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Hearing & Hearing Loss Questions

What are the typical causes of hearing loss?
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One device or two?
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Selecting a Hearing Aid

What's the right kind of hearing aid for me?

Hearing Aid Maintenance, Repair and Service Questions

What daily maintenance is recommended?
What if my aid will be out of use for a while?
Do you provide service for your ReadyWear products?