Great Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss

Great Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss

Great Tips for Preventing Hearing LossDid you know that one-third of hearing losses could be prevented? There are a number of causes for hearing loss. However, you can protect yourself using common sense. Use these helpful tips to save your hearing and avoid hearing issues.

Excessive Noise

Loud noises can damage fragile hair cells in the inner ear. Everyone is exposed to sounds on a daily basis. However, extremely loud sounds are damaging to the ears.

Factory workers, musicians, miners, construction workers and military personnel are all at risk for experiencing hearing loss when working.

Recreational noise is often responsible for causing permanent hearing damage. Attending loud sporting events, car races and music concerts can expose you to excessive sound levels. Even the racket generated from snowmobiles, motorboats and motorcycles, used for recreation, can be destructive.

If you work at a loud workplace, you can take precautions. Inexpensive foam earplugs or even earmuffs can help to reduce volume levels. Limit the amount of time spent in noisy places when possible. If you’re using a personal listening device or listening to music, you should adjust the volume down to protect your ears.


Studies indicate that smokers and people who inhale second-hand smoke may be at risk. Consider quitting as a preventative measure.


Most people are not aware that some medications can be damaging to their hearing. There are about 200 medications like cancer-fighting drugs, some types of antibiotics and other drugs that can affect hearing. Even aspirin taken in abundance could be harmful to your ears and cause a temporary loss of hearing.


People with type 2 diabetes can experience hearing losses. Avoid getting diabetes by maintaining an ideal weight, eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are not meant to be used in the ear canals and can puncture your eardrum. Pharmacies carry wax irrigation kits that can be used to wash out ear wax the proper way.

Although a hearing aid may be able to restore your hearing, prevention is the key to stop hearing loss. Toss a handy pair of earplugs in your purse or pocket to use when attending the next noisy event.

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