Physician Direct ReadyWear Hearing Aid Program.

General Hearing Instruments (GHI) has manufactured hearing aids for audiologists and ENTs since 1984 with the focus on sound quality and comfort for all our products. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, we manufacturer all of our devices right here in the USA.

Partnering with Henry Schein we have put together a truly remarkable package of professional-grade hearing aids at a fraction of the cost.

About 75% of adults with hearing loss have a Mild-To-Moderate Loss (MML). Of this group, 90% do not use hearing aids even though many would benefit significantly. There are several reasons why this is true, but a major reason is the current hearing aid delivery system. These are seen by many as too complex, expensive, and financially risky. GHI has addressed this problem by developing a delivery model that is simple, inexpensive, and risk-free.

GHI has developed an alternative model for the primary care physician that will appeal to many in the MML adult population by adding a professional component missing from on-line models. This model will permit the primary care physician to effectively address one of today’s major chronic health issues with a program that is very easy to implement, requiring only minimum physician and staff effort. This mini Over-The-Ear (OTE) style is one of the most popular hearing aid styles nationally. These are FDA registered hearing aids manufactured under FDA quality regulations as medical devices, not Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPS), . 

The hearing aids are available in two colors, beige and gray (most popular colors). Thus, the physician’s office will need only minimum inventory. The aids are preprogrammed for an average mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss. They provide more gain in the higher frequencies where individuals tend to have more loss and where there is greater information that is used to understand speech. These aids use non-custom domes instead of custom earmolds. Thus, no programming, ear impressions or fine tuning is required, reducing staff effort.

The physician’s involvement is limited to basic counseling concerning hearing loss and options available to the patient. The staff can provide limited basic information on hearing aid use, such as changing the battery and the volume control. Consumers are protected by a 30-day trial period, essentially, the hearing aids provide sufficient benefit to justify the cost or are returned for a full refund. The physician will also be protected by the same manufacturer trial period. Similar to reading glasses that are not prescribed to the consumer, these hearing aids are designed to mitigate an average mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss providing BENEFIT while reducing COST establishing an excellent VALUE. 

The program

If you have any questions about the product or the process described, feel free to contact our customer service department toll-free at 1-800-824-3021.


Simplicity Pro Hearing Aid

(Grey HS# 1286119)  

(Beige HS# 1286091)  




  • Mild-to-Moderate High Frequency Loss
  • Over-The-Ear Hearing Aid
  • Four Volume Levels
  • Open fit design for comfort
  • Size 10 Battery
  • Low Battery Alert
  • 100% Digital Hearing Aid
  • Programmed for High-Frequency Assistance
  • Feedback Management
  • Reduced ‘Background Noise’, low frequencies
  • Fast 16kHz Processor
  • FDA-Registered Hearing Aid

Simplicity Pro refers to the advanced 100% digital processing circuitry with an easy to use selector button. Specifically designed for adults with a Mild-to-Moderate High-Frequency hearing loss, these are not appropriate for individuals under eighteen years of age. Our products out perform sound amplifiers. With just a quick press of the selector button, you can choose from one of four preprogrammed volume levels to provide optimum listening quality for your day-to-day hearing situations. The device does not amplify all sounds equally; we are shaping the sounds for the human speech frequencies giving you assistance right where you need it. Not only will speech sounds be improved, but also the richness of everyday sounds as well. Simplicity Pro discreetly and comfortably fits behind the ear for both men and women. Manufactured in the USA to FDA medical quality standards they are designed to deliver professional quality components at an affordable price.


Download Simplicity Pro Account Product Info Sheet

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Physician’s Hearing Device (PHD)

(HS# 1286112)




  • Reusable Assistive Listening Device
  • Facilitates patient comprehension
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Size 13 Battery
  • Low Battery Alert
  • 100% Digital Sound Quality
  • Demonstrated benefits of binaural amplification
  • Fulfills ADA mandate for effective communication





The Physician’s Hearing Device (PHD), is a professional assistive listening device manufactured to FDA quality standards. Your hearing impaired patients will appreciate the value added service of in-office amplification to enhance their hearing during routine office visits.

The PHD is preprogrammed to provide a smooth, broadband, sound quality to offer assistance to patients who have a mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss. The PHD is specifically designed for clinic use, simple to use and maintain. Powered by a size 13 standard hearing aid battery.


Download PHD Account Product Info Sheet

Download PHD User Manual

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