ReadyWear Hearing Aids

ReadyWear hearing aids are made for people who have a mild-to-moderate or high frequency hearing loss. These are inexpensive, non-custom hearing aids that make possible a same-day fit. They are simple to use and pre-programmed so that counseling and fitting time is minimum.

These hearing aids are especially applicable to individuals who are considering amplification for the first time, but are not ready to make a commitment to more expensive devices. These aids provide an opportunity to establish a relationship with an individual who might otherwise walk out the door. These aids have limited gain and output so the individual will eventually outgrow these devices and require hearing aids with greater amplification and more features.

The over-the-ear devices include two open-ear domes for reduced low frequency response and the ability to hear low frequency sounds naturally without feeling “plugged up”. A more occluding double-dome is also provided for greater low frequency response. With the double-dome, the fitting range would increase in the low frequencies.

Simply Soft
Hearing Aid Styles, Simply Soft Classic Hearing Aid Photo - General Hearing Instruments, Inc.The original soft hearing device. Simply Soft, originally patented in the 1990’s, is still the ultimate soft hearing device. More

Each ReadyWear hearing device package includes:

Non-Prescription Hearing Aids, ReadyWear Owner's Manual Photo - General Hearing Instruments, Inc.

  • Professional quality hearing device
  • Quick-start DVD
  • Owners manual
  • Premium zinc-air battery
  • Pocket Travel pouch
  • Cleaning tool