Simplicity provides crisp, clean digital amplification in micro-poly tube case design at an affordable price.
The Simplicity Smart Touch is a micro OTE device that provides amplification of unrivaled fidelity. The Simplicity is specifically designed for people with vigorous, active lifestyles who have difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise.

Typically, users complain that they can no longer hear the full bass to treble range of music. They also need help in making speech more clear and easier to understand.

The Simplicity Smart Touch features a micro polytube free-field ear tip that allows the user to hear low frequency sounds naturally.

The result is clean, stable high frequency amplification without any feeling of being “plugged up”.

The Simplicity is pre-programmed with 4 amplification levels – just press the button to increase or decrease the volume.


Device Features

  • Cosmetic appeal
  • 1 yr. warranty
  • Micro-poly tube
  • Economical price
  • No ear impression
  • Micro case
  • #10 battery
  • 4 memories
  • Soft, free-field dome
  • Sm, Med, or Lg tube size
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 2.06.03 PMsimplicity-diagram
Does it come in different colors?
Standard warranty / Trial period?
Are they custom programmed?
Is it a PSAP?

Device Data

Download Simplicity Smart Touch Data Sheet

0063268752061_av4Each ReadyWear hearing device package includes:

  • Professional quality hearing device
  • Quick-start DVD
  • Owners manual
  • Premium zinc-air battery
  • Pocket Travel pouch
  • Cleaning tool