The End of Ear Impressions

Based on coronary stent technology, SmartWear devices rely on a temperature sensitive stent embedded in an ultra-soft medical grade silicone body. Each time the device is inserted in to the ear, the stent will slowly expand to comfortably conform to the users unique ear canal shape. The result in an excellent acoustic seal (no feedback) and extremely comfortable fit. And, it continuously flexes with jaw movement.

1000362smartwearlg2SmartWear is offered in choice of digital programmable circuits. SmartWear Features:

  • No impressions needed
  • High fidelity sound
  • Ultra-soft silicone body
  • Continuous noise protection
  • 4 channel, 4 memory digital
  • Lifetime warranty for stent and silicone    body

A sophisticated, same-day listening system.

What is SmartWear technology?

SmartWear is a multi-patented design utilizing a programmable, super-alloy stent encapsulated by a soft, silicone body. Once seated in the ear canal, the SmartWear stent expands to comfortably conform to the individual’s ear canal shape. The end result is an excellent acoustic seal that’s extremely comfortable for extended wear and very responsive to TMJ movement.

Can the stent wear out?

The stent is specifically designed to endure expansion and contraction on a continuous basis and will provide years of reliable service.

Does the soft material harden or crack?

Absolutely not. Made of medical grade silicone, it is hypo-allergenic in nature and will not harden, shrink, or crack.

Will the stent expand every time it’s inserted into the ear?

Yes. When exposed to a constant body temperature of 98o (or higher) the stent will slowly start to expand. It typically requires up to one minute for full expansion to occur.

Stents, not springs

A spring never becomes malleable, and will immediately return to its maximum dimension. If it meets resistance before reaching that point, it will continue to push against the resisting area. With body temperature, the stent slowly blossoms out until it reaches resistance (e.g. the ear canal wall), then stops expanding. When removed from body temperature, the stent returns to a malleable state.

Stent in Compressed Mode

1000362stentear1The above illustration shows the SmartWear inserted into the canal before expanding to conform to the ear canal. Note the air space between the SmartWear body and the ear canal wall.

Stent in Expanded Mode

1000362stentear2The above illustration shows the SmartWear inserted into the canal and exposure to body temperature has caused the stent to expand and conform to the ear canal. Note the acoustic seal (no air space) between the SmartWear body and the ear canal wall.

The sound of high fidelity

SmartWear circuitry is equipped with an advanced 4 band, 4 memory digital circuit. It is NOAH 3 compatible and offered in broad-band standard response. If desired, an expanded response (full 16 KHz.) is optional.

Protection & Enhancement

The SmartWear provides an excellent acoustic seal that is comfortable for extended wear time and very responsive to TMJ (jaw) movement. The ability to flex within the ear canal provides a continous acoustic seal that’s perfect for hearing protection.

The user can select between 4 different memories for a variety of hearing environments. The digital amplification circuitry will protect against impact (gun fire) or sustained noise (machinery), but will enhance normal speech conversations.

Patented Technology

SmartWear is a multi-patented design and has appeared as a feature article in the Hearing Review.

Typical Memory Assignments

Memory 1

Everyday Listening

smart-memory1Provides transparent, normal sounding hearing for quite listening environments such as watching television or in small group conversations.

Memory 2

Speech, Low Level Noise

smart-memory2Mid-to-high frequency emphasis will improve the signal-to- noise ratio for restaurant set- tings or for listening in vehicles by de-emphasizing road noise.

Memory 3

Impact Noise

smart-memory3An elevated threshold knee and decreased compression ratios are designed to provide linear fidelity for softer musical sounds (diminuendos). High peak input levels enable the circuitry to process the loudest sounds available (115 dBSPL), providing undistorted fidelity for musical peaks (crescendos).

Memory 4

Sustained Noise

smart-memory4To enhance telephone use without feedback while the instrument is in place, the threshold knee is elevated and the highest channel is rolled off.