Tranquil™ I

Tranquil I is a sound generator for those patients that have normal hearing. It is comfortable, cosmetically appealing and does not fill the ear canal (non-occluding). It can be worn for all daily activity and some may be worn while sleeping. It can be ordered with either a general white or a general pink sound profile.

Tranquil I OTE
tranquil-i-oteThe Tranquil I OTE is a pre-programmed mini-ote tinnitus sound generator that fits behind the ear. The open-ear design of the micro polytube allows for perfectly normal hearing of surrounding sounds. More
Tranquil I RIC
tranquil-i-ricThe Tranquil I RIC is a ready-to-wear tinnitus noise generator device offering digital signal quality, RIC technology and choice of either general white or general pink noise in a mini OTE device.More
Tranquil I COE
tranquil-I-COEThe Tranquil I COE is a custom, in-the-ear tinnitus sound generator. The unique shell design allows the user to hear the sound generator while leaving the ear canal open to hear surrounding sounds in a normal manner. More

Simply Tranquil I ITC
simply-tranquilThe Simply Tranquil I ITC is the only all-soft tinnitus relief device. This unit has a rotary volume control with one sound profile. More