Tranquil™ I COE

The unique Canal Open Ear (COE) tinnitus
device for comfort and sound quality.

The Tranquil COE’s patented design fits comfortably in the ear while offering unoccluded natural sound quality and Tranquil brand noise generator for tinnitus treatment.

Soothing sounds of the Tranquil™ brand noise generator that hearing professionals and patients have trusted since 1996.

tranquil-i-coe-prodThe original COE design, the first ITE open-ear tinnitus device.
The Tranquil™ I COE is a canal-open-ear device that features the Tranquil noise generator. It offers advanced digital circuitry and quality broadband noise as featured throughout the Tranquil product line. The COE is a custom-fit device that occupies only fifty percent of the ear canal. This shell design allows for a comfortable, unoccluded fit allowing patients who do not require amplification to hear ambient sounds in a normal manner.

Tranquil I features a rotary volume control. It is capable of providing 0 dB noise floor volume control level – a setting at which no noise is produced when volume is set at lowest setting. It is powered by a zinc-air #10 battery that provides approximately 200 hours of battery life.

Attention hearing professional:
Tranquil I is a custom-made device offering a choice of noise generator. Be sure to specify preference of either broadband general or broadband pink noise when ordering the Tranquil I COE.

Device Features

  • Open-ear venting
  • #10 battery
  • Rotary volume control
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Tranquil technology
  • 0 dBSL floor
  • Low battery alert
  • High output available
  • Digital circuitry
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Device Data

Download Tranquil I COE Data Sheet

Source OFF
Peak 72.9 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 300 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs
Source 0.0 dB
Peak 79.7 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 300 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs

* Specify preference of General or Pink sound generator at time of Tranquil device order.