A mini OTE tinnitus sound generator that offers general white or general pink noise.

The Tranquil I OTE utilizes advanced digital signal processing with a choice of broadband general white or general pink noise integrated into a cosmetically appealing mini OTE case design.

Soothing sounds of the Tranquil™ brand noise generator that hearing professionals and patients have trusted since 1996.

tranquil-i-ote-prodQuality Tranquil™ brand noise generator in a mini case design with micro polytube and popular rotary volume control.
A robust volume wheel controls the Tranquil I which provides easy and accurate adjustment. The device offers a zero noise floor, which can be a critical feature in setting the volume of the device.

The mini ote device employs an ultra-cosmetic case design combined with a micro polytube free-field sound dome which will enable same-day fitting scenarios. The open-ear design of the soft sound dome tip leaves the ear canal open, delivering clean stable sound while allowing the wearer to fully appreciate surrounding sounds in a normal manner. Be sure to specifiy preference of either general white or general pink noise when ordering the Tranquil I OTE.

The Tranquil I uses a #10 battery providing a typical 200 hours of use.


Device Options

  • Choice of case colors
  • Tube length: 0-3 sizes available
  • Dome size: small is standard, medium or large available
  • Polytube fitting gauge at

Device Features

  • Micro OTE case
  • #10 battery
  • Rotary volume control
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Micro Polytube
  • Open-ear dome
  • 0 dBSL floor
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Standard warranty / Trial period?
Battery Size?
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Device Data

Download Tranquil I OTE Data Sheet

Source OFF
Peak 77.2 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 400 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs
Source OFF
Peak 82.7 dB SPL
Peak Frequency 200 Hz
Noise Reduction 16 dB
Battery Drain 0.40 mA
Battery Life (10A) 200 Hrs

* Specify preference of General or Pink sound generator at time of Tranquil device order.