Tranquil™ II


Tranquil™ II is a digital sound generator for those patients that have normal hearing. It is comfortable, cosmetically appealing and does not fill the ear canal (non-occluding). It can be worn for all daily activity and some may be worn while sleeping. The user can select a general white or a general pink noise profile.

Tranquil II OTE
tranquil-ii-ote-familyThe Tranquil II OTE utilizes advanced digital signal processing and allows the wearer to select either a broadband general white or general pink noise. More
Tranquil II RIC
tranquil-ii-ric-prodThe Tranquil II RIC provides users with advanced digital signal processing, high frequency response, and open ear sound quality.More
Tranquil II COE
tranquil-ii-coe-familyThe Tranquil II COE’s patented design fits comfortably, offers unoccluded natural sound quality, and allows users to switch between general white or general pink broadband noise. More

Simply Tranquil II ITC
simply-tranquil-ii-familyThe Simply Tranquil II is a readywear tinnitus noise generator device utilizing digital signal quality. Patients will appreciate same day fitting convenience – no need for ear impressions! More