Simply slim hearing aids were designed for those with smaller ear canals. The devices are ultra-soft and patented by General Hearing Instruments, Inc. They feature medical grade silicone that allows wearers to have them in for an extended time with comfort.

Simply-Slim-Hearing-Aid Simply-Slim-Hearing-Device-in-Ear

Simply slim product highlights:

  • Extra small mini-canal design for an excellent fit in the smallest of ear canals (device body is too small for medium to large ear canals)
  • Advanced Digital Technology provides natural sound through out the entire hearing spectrum
  • Adaptive Feedback Control helps reduce annoying feedback or whistling common in most hearing aids
  • Contrast Noise Suppression reduces background noise without compromising gain making speech easier to understand
  • 4 memory settings allow you to hear better in different listening environments
  • Convenient push button memory setting for optimal hearing in any sound environment
  • Equipped with the highest class and quality of electronics available
  • Patented soft body offers extreme comfort and flexibility for extended wear
  • 100% hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone body is compatible with even the most sensitive ears
  • Extraction cord ensures simple insertion and removal
  • Ideally priced for an advanced digital signal processing device
  • Wax guard system with easy to replace filters
  • Designed and approved by leading audiologists
  • Premier/SmartTouch is preprogrammed by GHI’s audiological team as a solution for the challenges faced by adults ages 45-64 with a mild to moderate hearing loss and is especially helpful for high frequency hearing losses
  • Ready wear express service center support system, offering total customer care, is only a toll free 877 call away