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Hearing Aids | General Hearing

Attention General Hearing Customers

General Hearing Instruments is now SoftTouch Labs! We still offer the same complete line of Tranquil tinnitus products, custom hearing aids, and friendly customer service. To visit our new corporate website and view our complete line of products, click on our link below. For immediate needs, please call us at: (504) 442-4999


For direct to consumer devices and accessories, please visit our ReadyWear Express site at:


SoftTouch Labs offers…

  • Prescription hearing aids are customized, by an audiologist, to fit a specific hearing loss. 
  • Non-prescription hearing aids are pre-programmed an average setting and intended for use by individuals with a mild-to-moderate, high frequency hearing loss. 
  • Tinnitus sound generators produce a soft, soothing broadband white or broadband pink noise. Used in conjunction with a TRT program toprovided tinnitus relief .

Tranquil I and II OTE sound generators.

  • Spinstation hearing aid cleaning system is a patented, lab quality centrifugal accelerator that spins wax, dead skin, and other debris out of hearing instruments. This proven design effectively ejects ear wax from ITEs, canal, and OTE/BTE devices. Saves you (and your patients) time by repairing a weak or dead device on the spot in just minutes!
  • Patented Soft Hearing Aids patented medical grade silicone body hearing aids for unmatched comfort. Soft devices are available in custom hearing aids and tinnitus sound generators.
  • Ask about our SmartWear custom electronic sound protectors. These devices have been very popular among hunters and gun enthusiasts. They allow shooters to hear normal or amplified speech but blocks dangerous impact noise such as a gun blast.

Visit us today at our brand new site: softtouchlabs.com

Recent Publications
We welcome you to browse our collection of informative articles and helpful links.

It is our goal to educate you and share a wealth of knowledge we have learned throughout our 26 years of business along with other resourceful information.

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Hearing Orgs

Visit the following professional hearing organizations for more specific information on hearing related disorders:

American Tinnitus Association The Caption Center Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (HEARS) National Institute on Aging Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation

About General Hearing

We have been providing custom hearing aids, tinnitus therapy devices and other hearing related products to the hearing industry since 1985. As an highly innovative company, we have developed and patented several important applications for hearing instruments.

We promote the advancement of hearing technology as we fund important research and development work with respected professionals and universities. Our hearing instruments are proudly hand-crafted in the USA.

We sincerely hope our products improve the quality of your life!